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The Wallet--a Synopsis

The Wallet is the story of a man named Jay Donne who is still deeply in mourning for his wife five years after her accidental death. Jay has deliberately shut himself off from people and life in general. The only real relationship he has is with Jan, his co-worker. Jan is continually trying to get Jay to rejoin life. In one attempt she persuades him to go Christmas shopping with her.

At a Christmas bazaar, Jay stumbles upon a wallet at a leather goods stand. He likes the wallet and wants a new one, but he is especially intrigued by the picture of a woman he finds inside. He buys the wallet and takes it home. Immediately strange things begin to happen. The wallet seems to open and travel around the house on its own. Jay comes to believe the ghost of the woman in the photograph is attached to the wallet.

He throws down a challenge to the ghost and is called on it. Jay unexpectantly falls in love with this ghost woman and finds new hope in life. He and the ghost decorate for Christmas, something he hasn’t done in years. But the spirit haunting him is not the woman in the photograph, but that of his dead wife.

Read The Wallet in the creepy Christmas offering from Tiwaz Press, Yuletide Chills.

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