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The Colonel #99 Entitled to the Truth

“A dogmatic belief in objective value is necessary to the very idea of a rule which is not tyranny or an obedience which is not slavery.”

C.S. Lewis

While “times they are a’changin” humanity is not. The differences between the Founders and Progressives are many, but perhaps the biggest one is how they viewed/view truth.

The Founders believed in an objective truth that all men are to obey. It is wrong to steal, murder, or lie—see Commandments 4-10. This does not mean they thought, that one day everyone would do those things to any greater degree than was done in their day or had been done throughout human history. Neither did they think that passing laws would end those behaviors. It means they considered right and wrong as real things that marked the positive and negative sides of unchanging human nature.

They had studied human nature as it played out in governments over centuries, found government a necessary evil, and did their best to design a new government without trying to regulate every human interaction with voluminous laws that no one understood. The Constitution is designed to protect the people from those elected to govern.

Progressives believe in subjective truth—“My Truth”. That is, something is wrong because I feel it’s wrong or somehow offensive. Thus, a natural law, if one ever existed, is immaterial. How I identify myself is the indisputable truth. I think, therefore, all must conform.

Progressives say this is possible because humans (except maybe white males, right-wingers, Christians and Republicans) have evolved and are morally improved. Old laws and ways are outdated, unable to keep up with our technological genius, and therefore don’t apply. The Constitution needs to grow with us to allow more freedom for the expression and functionality of My Truth.

Denying an objective truth, “organic” government is built on the shifting sands of subjectivism—you know the kind of government that depends on what each person’s definition of “is” is—has but one end. Whether that government calls itself communist, socialist, fascist, democratic or republican, the end game is the same, rule by an elite strong enough to impose their “truth” on everyone else and reducing people to the status of animate objects subject to the will of their betters.

The ascension of a subjective “My Truth” is evident in the formation of corporate fact-checkers guarding “community” standards, boards run by government agencies to counter “disinformation” and the reaction unleashed by a billionaire’s statement that he bought a company to restore freedom of speech.

Living the utopian lifestyle to which each person is entitled will, if allowed, become reality for all. The big shock is going to be finding out from the masters their truth about what you’re entitled to.

Sic Semper Tyrannus

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