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The Colonel #62 Call Me Selfish

Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

In today’s political climate clouded as it is by a virus, people are being conditioned by the government, the media, and the church, each for their own ends, to view personal liberty as selfishness.

It has become a buzzword among a certain portion of the population, swallowed whole, and regurgitated as often as needed to make one seem to appear enlightened. There is a method to this madness, and, yes, it is madness—true insanity on a massive scale by what Lenin termed “useful idiots”. The purpose is simple enough—divide and conquer to achieve an agenda unopposed.

That this message of supposed selfishness is untrue, that it flies in the face of all moral and spiritual reasoning yet is believed is staggering to a sound mind. To treat others as you would like to be treated isn’t just a Christian idea. It is embraced by all sane pathways to positive human interaction.

The target of this atrocity is the people who choose to exercise their personal liberty rather than wear a mask or to receive a vaccine for the sake of their loved ones and neighbors. We are told by the talking heads on screens and in pulpits that such a decision stems from selfish desire.

But is it? What exactly are those declining to take these steps hoarding to themselves? Moreover, what danger does it pose to others?

Here, I can speak only for myself—nothing new about that and no fear in doing so. What I am “selfishly” keeping for myself in this equation is my God-given freedom to live according to the dictates of my heart. I am keeping my self-determination over what happens to my person, my health, and my property (Google Madison’s definition of property in The Federalist). I am holding tightly on to all the autonomy an individual can possess in a country governed by laws and representational government. I am keeping all of these things from being seized in the name of the common good.

But here’s what my detractors fail to recognize though it is shoved in their faces. I want the same liberty for my neighbor. I do not wish to run his business, supervise his health, or dictate his access to the places he would go. I want my neighbors to be secure in being him/herself. Chance are probably 50-50 that I don’t even like my neighbor, but the odds are 100% that I want him to be at liberty.

I gave seven years of my life and the sacrifices of my family to demonstrate this and to defend my neighbor’s freedom and mine. All the while people like me were being vilified for doing this by the very ones enjoying their freedom to sit in their dorm room.

So, it is not “just words”. I have proven my dedication to this liberty for all. Have you? I want my neighbor to have everything thing I am selfishly claiming as my own and to have it in abundance. They don’t even have to like me or thank me.

My liberty, I am told, endangers others though there is no logic to that argument—unless the sources of the argument are lying about their altruism and humanitarian efforts.

Our government and its minions at the CDC have assured us all that masks will slow the spread of the virus until people are vaccinated. Are they telling the truth? If so, and you wear a mask, until you are vaccinated, how, exactly, are you in jeopardy?

We have been further assured by representatives of the government agencies that their vaccinations are safe (without the prescribed trials required for every other vaccine) and that the vaccine will prevent infection. We were definitely lied to on Tv by the good doctor himself that the vaccine was good for every variant, but are we still being lied to?

If not, and you are safely vaccinated—how am I a danger to you? Isn’t that backward? If you are vaccinated by the virus that still clings to you aren’t you the danger to maskless, unvaccinated me? Did the lie to me in nursing school, and was I blind for twenty-five years of practice?

Do you really wish me to exercise guardianship over your health as your brotherly keeper? Think long and hard about that before you answer. It will require more of you than a mask. We will address all the epidemics. We’ll start with obesity—fast food, sugar, and all processed foods are gone, my friend and neighbor—it’s for your own good. And workouts begin tomorrow.

I do these things and you must to or you, by your own logic, are endangering my health through your selfishness. Apples and oranges you say? Why because you grow apples and I own an orange grove?

You want to know What I really want to do for you and your health? I want to stand up for your right to live free, even though I may not agree with you. I want to take up arms and resist the gradual surrender of your personal liberty. I want to treat you as I wish for you to treat me.


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