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The Colonel #56 Train Up a Child

Sadly, I am finding the opt quoted scripture is not just for children anymore and it has never been more faithfully practiced than by our modern American media. Which, truthfully, it to say by the present government. One of the best pieces of evidence of this is that so many people of my generation still believe we have a free and independent press.

I have watched people my age while they watched the “news” and heard the sound of the huge straw in their heads sucking it all up through glazed eyes. You can readily pick out those who have transformed from grown-up adults to the obedient children of Uncle Joe even without him sniffing them. They are the party’s useful idiots displaying their colors in public proudly wearing their masks to save us unvaccinated souls and boasting about which vaccine they got for “free”.

My God! Are these really the people I went to school with? What the hell happened to them? The answer is simply—intensive training in the art of not thinking. I tried to do business today with government agencies and monolith monopolies. Both are populated with automatons who know only to check the proper boxes on the approved forms or how to shuffle you along to a clone. The most intelligent person I spoke to maybe the electronic answering screener.

The government is expanding the forgiveness of student debt at an alarming rate. I suspect it is more a gift of gratitude than forgiveness. You have completed your indoctrination, you’re free to go evangelize the other simpleminded folk out there.

I do not say this out of hate or to be mean, but out of a true sense of despair for this country and those I will leave behind. Although, given the rate of decline, I may live to see the country slip into total lunacy.

If true benevolence was the desire of the government why not forgive people 10 or 20 years into a 30-year mortgage—you know, people who have been productive already.

Or how about matching Social Security and unemployment checks they have been handing out. Shouldn’t you produce something before you get something? Oh wait, that’s outdated capitalism.

So, we are producing a nation of children. Unfortunately, these children are not child-like, but childish and thoroughly trained in the art of tantrums, being offended, and having everything handed to them. One day they will be handed their chains.


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