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Lost Crusader #93 One Thing

The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain their neutrality in times of moral crisis.

Dante Alighieri

Quit looking around and—Stand up! Testify!

Life and liberty are gifts of God. They are given to all, enjoyed by many, and defended by few. Life and liberty are not mere words, they are exercises of the heart and will. You must seize hold on them for yourself. Jesus said that he came to set captives at liberty, but even the blind man on the roadside was required to rise from his place to lay claim to new life.

At this very moment, people in America are being indoctrinated to quietly accept the notion that personal worth is to be accorded based on a scale of victimhood. What a person believes, says, and does, whether good or evil, is meaningless.

I know some who will object to my addition of valuing what a person says. Words are worthless, action is everything. Consider this, verbally expressing our values is an action and one few are brave enough to take for the cause of morality and the freedom to live according to the dictates of one’s own heart.

I remember a time in my church where a portion of the worship was given over specifically to providing Christians an opportunity to stand up and publicly declare where they stood. You rarely see it in church anymore. This occurred not because there is no value in it, but because there is so little courage to do it.

People have been cowed into silence by the offended, the dissenters, and the scoffers. With the loudest voices quieted, attention has turned to the rest of the sympathetic. Bigot! Racist! Sexist! Homophobe! Conspiracy theorist! Hypocrite!


There is a portion of our population that claims to be “woke”. The biggest thing they are woke to is how easy it is to silence people into the role of useful idiots to the cause of silent obedience.

The words Let Freedom Ring are emblazoned upon an iconic bell in Philadelphia, but the true ringing of freedom is made by the voices of its defenders. The time for cowardly silence is over.

Let Freedom Ring, once more. Let it ring from your lips, your actions, and your manner of life.

Don’t wait for the imagined safety of the person next to you—stand up on your own two feet. You may not be able to right all the wrongs, but there is one thing you can do. You can stand up and tell everyone that you believe that there is greatness in this imperfect country because we cherish life and liberty as the God-given rights of all its citizens.


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