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Know Jack #360 Still Dreaming

“Dreams, so they say, are for fools and they let ‘em slip away…”

Seals and Croft

There are dreams we have when our eyes close in sleep. According to some these dreams are a type of story our mind stages to work out the issues of the day. Others say they can be the messengers of God. Perhaps both are true. God must surely be interested in how we work out the issues of the day and, on occasion, we really need some direct divine guidance.

Then there are the dreams that live in our minds, shifting between levels of consciousness while our eyes are wide open. I have always lived a quixotic kind of life acting on my dreams even if they are not tethered to reason.

Logic, reason, and truth all have their proper roles to play in life, the formation of sound judgment, and wise decision-making. But they are not constants. “To every thing there is a season and a time for every purpose under the heaven.” There is a time to lay all else aside and chase a dream.

I’m a writer now because I didn’t listen to reason. I had ventured down the dream-chasing road once before. I had been badly burned so I really should have listened this time—I didn’t.

Dreams unpursued bear no fruit, they wither and die. Chasing after your dreams will likely leave you battle-scarred. However, there is no more indelible scar a soul can bear than what might have been. The opportunity to dream may come around more than once, and dreams may haunt us but they do not chase us.

It is true that some dreams, whether the waking or the sleeping kind, are nightmares. However, we don’t give up sleeping, and neither should we give up dreaming. The next turn in the road just might be where you catch up to that elusive dream.


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