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Know Jack #274 Tummy Trouble

I have been told that I have a cast-iron stomach. Want to test some questionable combination of ingredients or the stuff in that plastic container at the back of the fridge—I’m you man. “Don’t throw that out, I’ll eat it.”

I did puke once back in 2010 after eating some bad shrimp. That is my only non-induced, non-alcohol related regurgitation experience in adulthood. And I was a nurse for 25+ years. Colostomy accidents, suctioning tracheostomies, C-diff infections, ortho-surgery—been there, done that. So, yeah, I’ve got a strong stomach.

That said, I will admit to nearly losing my lunch watching the new President join the three draft dodgers at the Tomb of the Unknown during the inaugural ceremony in Arlington. I know “W” was in the Guard. Doesn’t count in my book, not for the years he was in it.

It’s almost unfortunate I served so those clowns could put on their show standing on such hallowed ground. That’s America—the land that quartet find so objectionable.

Military service isn’t a prerequisite for holding the office of President, and I’m not saying it should be. But it seems to me the worst presidents who served are preferable in character to the best who did not. And for those who know me, yes, that includes Jimmy Carter, whom I detest. He was inept, and at times seems delusional, but he’s still a good man.

These men “served” in the government my detractors will remind me. Pleeeease, spare me your disconnect with reality. They risked nothing, reaped fortunes from the sweat of their servant's brow, and consider themselves patriots for doing so.

I feel a little queasy just writing it. George, we miss your example.


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