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Know Jack #236 Election Commentary

Since 1870, the sole purpose of elections in this country has been to preserve the status quo of government by consent of arms. Even before 1900, political parties were indistinguishable in their desire to stamp out the principle that our government existed only by the consent of the governed.

The twentieth century ushered in government by the “experts” ensconced in regulatory agencies whose main function has been to regulate the power exercised by a once free people. The agencies exist to manage the country “for the good of all.” Yeah, that’s not a new concept by any stretch of the imagination.

You weren’t wearing a mask today because the governor or mayor said to, but because the CDC cracked the whip. You didn’t see the President fire anyone, because they are shielded by “merit” protection regulations interpreted by the agency itself not the executive, legislature, or even the judiciary.

There is no electoral solution to the tyranny of these agencies. Jefferson’s solution is the best, tear it down and start again. This was attempted in 1861 and the question of secession settled… no secession unless and until you defeat the army keeping you captive to governmental overreach.

That option is still open, but has not gained any greater possibility of success in the last 159 years. Still, Washington’s men showed it can be done. I have never taken an oath to defend the government. I have taken one to defend the Constitution. I wish more of my fellow soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines felt this way. Hell, I’d be happy if it ever crossed their mind.

I don’t know what the future holds except an ever certain loss of liberty. This I do know; I prefer to die a traitor to the government than a traitor to my oath.


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