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The Ed Landry Series

Bayou Moon


     A reclusive baker is found brutally murdered in his doorway leading Sheriff Ed Landry of Bonaire Parrish on the hunt for a killer that his mind says cannot possibly exist. His eyes tell him a different story.

     When the bodies begin to pile up, Landry is forced to accept the impossible. The killer is something straight out of local legend...a werewolf-like creature called a rougarou. By the light of a bayou moon, Landry encounters the nightmare walking and the battle is on for the safety of the town, the soul of one old man, and Landry’s life.

    Published by House of Honor Books and available from Amazon. $12.99 in paperback, $4.99 eBook or get the eBook free with Prime. Now on audio from Audible and iTunes.

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Blood Moon

   Ed Landry is on the run, chased by his haunted past and plagued by the ghostly voice of old Johnny St. Pierre. He finds himself in Oklahoma—and the wolves are howling again.

The ex-sheriff is quickly entangled in a web of lies and shapeshifting foes bent on his bloody end. Landry is joined by Deputy James Overton and a mysterious stranger with an even stranger explanation of why this keeps happening to Landry.

​   The moon is high and evil means to stain it blood red. Join Landry and his friends in a fight to the death under the Blood Moon.  Published by House of Honor Books and available from Amazon . $12.99 in paperback, $4.99. 

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Voodoo Moon

The bill has come due for Magic Mike’s death and Ed Landry has to pay up—the voodoo queen of New Orleans insists on it. Jazz Ledoux arrives in Oklahoma with the message, get home, Christy’s been kidnapped.

On the road back to Louisiana, Landry falls under the power of a spell that carries him to Lockett in visions. Friends and enemies alike take on new shapes as Landry is forced into a showdown on the bayou. This fight for his life will leave him bloodied.

Don’t miss this third book in the Ed Landry series.

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Lover's Moon

Ed Landry’s choice lands him in an otherworldly love triangle. Where the barrier between the dead and the living is thin, not all sides are equal. Love can be a real killer. No stranger to difficult decisions, Landry faces what may be his toughest choice yet. Which way will he turn and will he be able to live with the decision?

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Wolf Moon

A visit from an old acquaintance sends Landry and Jazz onto the trail of a pack of rougarous. The creatures are hungry for more than mayhem, they want to control the entire city of Lake Charles. Lurking behind the outward trappings of Anubis, the jackal-headed Egyptian God of the Underworld, is an old nemesis.
A bloody string of murders, betrayal, and dark magic surround Landry and Jazz as they try to work out what side the players are on. There’s no scorecard and losers end up as gator treats. Landry and Jazz plan to win—but plans have a nasty habit of going wrong.

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Hunter's Moon

Ed Landry has embarked on his most dangerous mission yet—marriage and fatherhood. The solid ground beneath him has turned to sea, carrying him far from home. Meanwhile, the waves from his last stumbling fall into the bayou are rippling through his world. He’s gained an FBI shadow. A whole new group of enemies spring from the jungle to join hands with old foes. An animal cry answers the question; who walks away?

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The Mann of God Series



     Have you ever tried to hide the mistakes of the past, only to have life betray your secrets to the world? The outlaw Kit Mann, a drunken deserter, thief, and murderer-on-the-run unexpectedly finds the blessings of salvation and enters a richly rewarding new life as a preacher on the fronter. And yet, intent on burying his past, he fails to heed the admonition to confess his sins to the church he leads. But when his old gang rides into town and the guns come out, Mann has no choice but to turn and face his own past.

     Join the Mann of God today in his trials and temptations and his struggle to overcome the past.

     Published by House of Honor Books. Available from Amazon $12.99 paperback, $4.99 eBook, Also available as an audiobook from Audible and iTunes.

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     Rev. Christopher Mann saved his town from a band of outlaws. Now, he faces an even greater challenge—trying to save himself from the hangman. No longer running or hiding, he returns to Lincoln to stand trial for the crime that propelled him into the ministry.

     A young cavalry officer battles a train wreck, a gunshot wound, and a fever in a race to deliver the seemingly cursed letter that might secure Mann’s pardon. Will he arrive in time?

     Meanwhile, Mann is facing a prosecutor who has yet to lose a case, and a tough, no-nonsense judge, as he tries to prove the truth of the life-altering power of the Gospel to the twelve men sitting in judgment upon him.

   Published by House of Honor Books. Available on Amazon $12.99 in paperback, $4.99 Kindle edition.   Click the cover to buy now on Amazon.

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The Mann of God has returned to Zion. He has a new home, a new wife and daughter, and a dream of a coming storm that will shake the town to its foundations. When murder is compounded by robbery, death comes to stalk the town.

The flames of hatred fueled by a deadly plague threaten to consume Zion. After Roy Winston and Heck Reid fall prey to a hail of bullets, Kit Mann must step inside the inferno to save his only child. His survival and that of the town hang in the balance.

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Death Rides Series

Death Rides The Red River


     Western adventure with a vicious bite. During the War Between the States, both sides weaponized men in more ways than ever imagined possible. What happens to these human weapons when the war ends? Death Rides the Red is the story of one man's battle with the lingering horrors of war.

     Nate Carson walked away from Appomattox but escaping his memories of battles won and lost was not that easy. His memories take on flesh and blood and come calling again. It's a fight for survival against enemies natural and supernatural. Cowboys, Indians, and werewolves, oh my!

     Published by House of Honor Books. Available on Amazon $12.99 paperback, $4.99 eBook. Also available as an audiobook on Audible and iTunes. Click the cover to buy from Amazon

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Death Haunts the Red River

Vern Carson has rebuilt the Lazy L from the ashes and gathered new hands around him. When a lovely widow returns to town, he finds his thoughts turning to love, marriage, and family. Resurrecting the peace along the Red River near his home proves much harder.

The wolves are howling again—the kind that walk on two legs by the light of the full moon. Killing them before they kill him is only half the problem. Even the help of werewolf hunters Jack Morgan and Nik Corbin is not enough. Vern’s life is coming apart as the monsters get closer than ever before and the weapon he must rely on could be his undoing.

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Death Stalks the Red River

Book three in the Red River trilogy. Following the arrival of the town’s new preacher, Death returns in lupine form to stalk the Lazy L and the town of Texumma. Eight years of peace come to a bloody end as howls echo along the banks of the Red River once again. Bitter vengeance backs Death’s play as the death toll rises. Will anyone survive the full moon?

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Chilling tales told in midwinter around a warm fire date back to antiquity. It is the time of year when days are short, darkness lingers, and the barrier separating the living from the dead is thin. Stories of the stark cold and the visits from the dead remind us of the warm blessings of hearth and home.

Ed Landry joins in this tradition of chilling Christmas tales. His encounter with Krampus is one of the stories in this collection of holiday hauntings, haints, ghosts, and strange happenings, each one perfect for a dark day’s reading by the fire.

Gruss von Krampus!

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Tokens of Perdition


    Perdition, the word’s origin is an expression of destruction. Over the course of everyday life our dreams, ideals, friendships, even our lives get disassembled by circumstance. Folly and wisdom, resolution and retreat, courage and cowardice, like the characters in these stories, we are subject to them all. Call it fate, destiny, or the hand of God, it is the hammer that shapes us on the anvil of life.

     This shaping occurs amidst a battle of good and evil that destroys the person we are to form the person we are to become. These stories span a wide spectrum of personal destruction leading to the remaking of everyday people. Laugh, cry, cheer, and rage along with them on this roller coaster ride through Perdition.

     Published by House of Honor Books. Available on Amazon. Paperback $12.99, eBook $4.99  

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Dead Man's Hand

     In this life, you have to play the cards you’re dealt. Sometimes the cards aren’t worth a dime. Even holding the winning hand is not a guarantee you will take the pot. One thing is certain, somewhere along the way you are going to cash in your chips. It is a good bet the aces and eights you’re holding means that time is near.
     Dead Man’s Hand is a collection of stories that follow the lives of two men who, win or lose, are determined to play out their hands. Ante up and draw your cards, but keep your eyes on the other players, somebody is going to cash in.

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Experimental Christianity


      In this short study, you will find an inspiring and refreshing examination of timeless beliefs that, dating back to the first century, endure into our present-day world with their power undiminished.
    Based on the firm foundation of Scripture, this exploration acknowledges the fact that Jesus gives us the great principles to follow: he does not tell us how to apply his commands to every conceivable situation that may arise in our lives.

     That kind of guidance rests in the call to go forth and--by personal experience--by experimentation--and by trust in the Spirit follow the footsteps of Jesus. Published by House of Honor Books. Available on Amazon $9.99 in paperback, $4.99 Kindle edition.

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     Bigfoot encounters are transformative. Tracks offers you four such encounters, one for each season, and each based upon actual reports or Native American myth and woven by the author into stories that touch the heart.

     Follow Bigfoot from the Olympic Peninsula in Washington, across Minnesota and Oklahoma into northern Alabama. See Sasquatch through the eyes of a soldier back from World War I, a high school girl, and a self-effacing college student and feel the impact of their encounters.

     Then, take a look through the eyes of Bigfoot himself as he struggles to get his family through the worst winter in a hundred years.  

     Published by House of Honor Books and available on Amazon. Paperback $12.99, Kindle edition $4.99. Click on the cover to buy from Amazon.

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