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I’m going to skip the formal “About The Author” stuff here and go for just talking to you. I hate referring to myself in the third person and calling myself by my full name sounds stiff and haughty. The truth is I am a regular guy like you…unless you’re a gal, then, we are a bit different.

What I’m trying to say is that I don’t have a list of sparkling accolades. My life has not been the fascinating adventure they make movies about, but I like it. I have been blessed and allowed to do some things not everyone gets to do.

I was born in Long Beach, California, but count Placerville as the place where I grew up. At seventeen, I dropped out of school and joined the Air Force during Vietnam. I ended up in the Philippines as an aircraft crew chief on C-141A, C-5A.

After military service, I became an ordained minister and hospice chaplain. Destitute from these endeavors, I became a registered nurse in 1993. Back surgery in 2018 forced me into retirement the next year.


No flash, no zing but a bright green Jeep named UGENE1

     Viola…a writer is born!


     Well, in a way. I have always been a storyteller of sorts. I began writing stories for other people to see in 2005. Now, I have a website and chase after people to read my stories. Where do I get my ideas? Anywhere and everywhere…a song sparks an idea, a picture can do the same. Often stories are the result of me playing “what if.” The street outside is deserted…what if that’s because a crew of giant vampire cockroaches just landed down the block?

     Possession of a slightly twisted mind and a gallows sense of humor is a plus in my work . Sometimes, I simply “see” things like a scene from a movie playing in my head. Having invisible friends like Ed and Kit that tell me stories doesn't hurt either. 

    To really find out about me, take a look at my blogs Know Jack  and The Lost Crusader.

Behind Bars.jpg

Sleepless in Stripes

at the Old Idaho State Pen

in Boise, ID. 

Harstine Island, Shelton, WA


Blue Water Park,

Hazel Green, Al

Alvin Deadwood.jpg

Kubota Gardens, Seattle, WA

The Fubar Saloon, Lawton, OK

With a friend in

Deadwood, SD

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