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The Colonel #60 Settled Science

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

“The most settled thing in science is the price.”


Since the 1940s. when socialism came into its own as a player in the American dream, the government began to hand over the reins of real power to unelected, untouchable experts of technology and science. These men were given command of an ever-expanding alphabet of regulatory agencies.

Based on the progressive theory the staff of these agencies were experts in their field, removed for political pressure by largely irreversible appointments, and above all progressives who would expand the dream. They would guide the government with science. The death of politics in day-to-day operations was pronounced almost in the same breath as the birth of the leadership of “settled” science.

Science, like the arts, has always had its patrons, but when science became the basis of government replacing the consent of the governed, science went up for sale. Does it surprise any of us that so much nutritional research resulting in the infamous food pyramid was funded by Kraft? Or that heart research funded by the sugar industry found cholesterol the villain?

Which came first the carbon footprint or climate change? Is it the virus’ 99% survival rate or Pfizer and Moderna’s losses that have fueled the variants and lotteries for vaccine customers? Folks, the CDC has not followed their own guidelines from the beginning.

In the old days when flu existed and flu season came around labs everywhere following the CDC recommendations tested suspected cases until it was established that the flu (and which strain) was in the area. Then, testing STOPPED. People with flu symptoms were treated for flu—period, no test needed. So why not do that with Covid?

It would have saved everyone a lot of money to stop testing and treat empirically for Covid. Ah, and maybe that was the reason. Either that or there was a preplanned agenda for a power grab by the government for the benefit of those allowed to stay open for business. I’m sure Amazon’s business didn’t increase during the attempted lockdown, aren’t you?

Does else anybody remember Fauci’s assurance everyone vaccinated for the original virus would be safe from the Delta variant? I remember because most of the time I know when smoke is being blown up my ass. That and I told everyone I knew he was lying. The CDC still can’t do that with Flu A and Flu B and fumbled that ball badly in 2018.

Which by the way was a scientific technique for drowning victims. The science was settled, and companies began producing bellows for the technique—I shudder to think what they did before that scientific advance.

You can just about take to the bank that nothing in science is settled. All the questions are never answered. And when it comes to dealing with people, you can throw the words always and never out the window. So, nothing is settled.

However, big money is at stake for unquestioned conclusions. Science is for sale and that is never truer than the science backed by the government.

The Greatest Generation and all the generations that followed have been labeled by the government and its influencers in the media, the behemoths of business, and the universities as too ignorant to make decisions for ourselves. They may be right, because those swallowing whole the disinformation really are too ignorant or as they are known in socialist circles simply useful idiots.


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