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The Colonel #38 Brothers From A Different Mother

“The urge to save humanity is almost always a false front for the urge to rule.”

H. L. Mencken

It does not seem strange to me that governments on all levels in America have, over the last year, willfully suppressed dissent and trampled on our basic freedoms. It is not a new ploy nor one reserved only for those labeled villains and tyrants.

In the 1930s, as the Great Depression ravaged the world, two men took to the highest stage their respective countries afforded and asked for the very same thing—broad executive powers, powers beyond the current scope granted them. They shared the same goal, to save their hearers. In all fairness, they were not the only world leaders to do so, but with one exception, they are the most famous.

They were Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler.

Both were supremely confident that they knew the best course for “the good of all” their people. We have been conditioned to believe one good and one evil, and so it may be. But neither produced the promised salvation. The effects of their being granted their wish may simply be that between a violent, fast-acting poison and an insidious, slow-acting one.

It is always so. Grants of emergency powers serve only to ensure the creation of new emergencies for which more power is needed to bring about our salvation. Some men’s sins go openly before them. Those of others are harder to see.

When we have wiped out want, solved every crisis, and satisfied the multiplying fragments of society and melded them into one world for the good of all—what will remain of the humanity we bartered away? For the few managing the good of the rest, it will be very good. It always is. Maybe this time utopia will be realized. But we need not worry about such things you and me. We will be among the spared because we obeyed, right?

It’s just a little mask, just a little distance, just a little “special” guidance through “these trying times”. It’s not so very far from, it’s just a Jew. Not in a crisis like this—the good doctor says so.


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