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Know Jack #272 Bound to Rebel

The glimpse I had of National Guard troops in the nation’s capital yesterday sparked the renewal of an inner debate that I have been having with myself for some time. The question at issue is whether or not when faced with the prospect of standing true to my oath to defend the Constitution, could I pull the trigger on American soldiers.

It is a question that every person who has taken that oath must come to terms with. I think the time is passed that a prudent person can say, “It will never come to that.”

I hear folks say that they are armed and will defend their homes. I don’t doubt that. What I doubt is their picture of whom they believe they will be forced to defend their homes. It will not be some mob of leftist students, Antifa, Democratic voters, or social justice warriors. These people may riot, march in protest, or assault lone drivers willing to stop for them.

They do not fight against armed resistance—they do not need to. The campaign of Covid fear as dismantled the possibility of unarmed resistance. I saw that early this morning when a restaurant chain in the South, famous for its late-night crowds, closed to in-store dining—their claim to fame.

Business owners have surrendered without a fight. Their customers followed. And why not? If a business owner will not defend his business… well, who then? The masked masses flocking to feed corporate America and waiting at the curb with their faces covered?

Think what you will about this virus—it is not the dangerous plague we face. No, that is our own sheepish instinct to be herded by politicians and the media into tight little divisive groups bound together by fear. Once that illness takes hold of you—you are dead. The mortality rate for that disease is 100%.

Those who plan to defend their homes and property will not face mobs. We will face the U.S. military. Shades of statues being torn down, what will you do then? The time to think about that is now, not when you have a second or two to decide.

It is going to come to that for some. The government, the media, and our neighbors, friends, and family will call us alarmists, insurrectionists, and traitors—it has happened before. So, what will you do?

I have learned, especially over the last year, to no longer dispense advice. I have my duty. I will do it as I see fit and leave my neighbors to do the same.


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