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Know Jack #269 This I One Thing Know

There are two kinds of knowledge. Knowledge of the things that change. And knowledge of the things that do not change. Each, in its own way, is valuable for navigating life’s journey, but only one truly feeds and satisfies the soul. That is the one of which I wish to speak.

People tell me the enlightened children of today are smarter than we. Nonsense! Children have learned to manipulate gadgets, peers, and parents but they actually own little knowledge for themselves.

They can Google a line from Shakespeare to reference in an info vomit, while at the same time have no appreciation for it or any comprehension of what it means or how it translates as insight into humanity.

“Howbeit there is not in every man that knowledge…” this scripture has been one person’s constant reminder to me that people no longer seek knowledge for knowledge’s sake, neither value the acquisition and possession of knowledge.

The knowledge that does not change is the most intimate knowledge of all—the knowledge of what we ought to be, not the knowledge of what we are. It is a knowing discernment of all that constitutes virtue, beauty, and things that are high.

This is the knowledge of our intricate design and purpose. That we have yet to attain, is of little consequence the virtue is in the pursuit. The Psalmist once sang, “lead me to the rock that is higher than I. Let my reach be ever higher than where I am today, that I may touch the face of God.

Knowledge, not information is power. I have often supplied information, rarely is it converted into knowledge. As the blind man said this one thing I know whereas I was blind, now I see.


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