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Know Jack #220 Never Surrender

Britain’s chief ally against Hitler had surrendered. The invasion of England seemed inevitable and they were all alone. Churchill was made for that hour. His vow to never surrender was not political rhetoric…it was his political and personal signature. It was his simply the continuation of his life as he lived it.

Though his speech to the nation was way before my time, I have often used his words as inspiration in the daily battles of life. I’m not the best, the brightest, the strongest or the guy whose picture women post when they want to show each other a sexy man.

I consider myself in good company there. The scriptural record says there was no comeliness in Jesus that people should desire him. It does say he set his face like a flint on his mission. I am the guy you, may have to kill in order to still my voice.

I admit that I have walked away from situations in which continuing to fight brought unnecessary pain to others, or when my presence and two cents worth was no longer wanted. I think I can honestly say I never surrendered the principle involved.

To everything there is a season. There is even a season for right and truth to be silent. That is not to surrender them, but to give them time to explain themselves to the skeptic. I admit also that sometimes I don’t know when that time is until it is too late.

Life has knocked me down countless times. Today, I should be completely broken by circumstance. That was what my own voice was telling me. By the grace of God, I am not, and it is not by power, nor by might, but by the spirit I confess…I will never surrender.

Say it with me. Stand up and shout it for yourself. This is your life…live it every day. “We will never surrender!”


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