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Know Jack #209 Makin’ Magic

Is there magic in merlot and zydeco? I can’t say for sure, but if there is one thing certain about life it’s that nothing is certain. Tonight, I wrapped up the first draft of Tracks Book 4. I don’t have a name for it yet, but Tracks has jumped the first hurdle… it’s written.

If you haven’t been following along (shame on you), Tracks is a collection of stories spun around a Bigfoot theme. The four stories or “Books” that make up Tracks are based on actual events or native American myth.

Book 1 The Haunted Warrior takes place in 1919. A man of Skokomish heritage coming back from France, has an encounter on a lonely country road.

Book 2 takes place in 1992. A Halloween encounter in the Chickasaw National Recreation Area near downtown Sulphur, Oklahoma between a young couple and a Bigfoot works a providential blessing for a young woman.

Book 3 is set in northern Minnesota amid a 100-year storm. It is told in a unique style from the Bigfoot’s point of view. This story is the subject of my article in Real Paranormal Magazine scheduled to debut under this year’s full moon on Halloween night.

Book 4 takes place in 2019. It is set in Cullman County, Alabama and inspired by a 2016 BFRO report. An encounter with Bigfoot is life altering and that’s certainly the case for the young college student in this story.

Much time and labor has yet to be done to bring these stories into print. There is only one way to get a look at any of these stories before next year. I will be in Mena, Arkansas, September 25th-27th at the Ouachita Bigfoot Festival and Conference. I will have with me twenty copies of the rough draft of Book 1. Signed copies will be going for $5 a piece until I try the zipline. What happen

s from there is in the Lord’s hands.


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