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The Colonel #95 Child Predators

“…2022 has been a year of high inflation, exacerbated by a predatory student debt system which forces many to at the very minimum to put their lives on hold for years to pay it off.”

Oliver Povey

A glowing full moon throws a silvery light over a narrow sidewalk where a shadowy figure stalks an unsuspecting teenager walking home alone. The youngster is lost in fanciful dreams of the future—the university he will attend, the high-paying job he will hold, how he will change the corrupt, oppressive world around him.

Unseen by the youth, his parents push the figure stalking him from the shadows and into his path. Mesmerized by the tales he told of how easily the life he is entitled to will happen; he signs upon the line pledging to pay tens of thousands of dollars.

Years later the stranger returns with demands that he pays up. But it’s soooo hard, he will have to delay buying all the trappings of success he’s entitled to. It’s unfair! He has been victimized—again, preyed upon by greedy capitalists.

Thankfully, he’s not alone, there are millions like him and they can get the government to make the bad men wanting money go away with their magic eraser.

A President once said Americans should ask what they can do for their country. That’s a ridiculous notion of the past, young people are more evolved now. The country owes them for deigning to even participate in society. They should not be asked to pay for college. How dare you!

Given the size of the national debt, politicians who dare to entertain the thought of dismissing student debt need to be hung as traitors. Predatory loans, the idea of lurking bankers slinking around in dark alleyways and waylaying unsuspecting youth, is ridiculous.

Perhaps that’s why Americans\ waited for a senile fool to be elected to not only seriously broach the subject, but to actually do it. Let’s go Brandon!

Sic Semper Tyrannis.

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