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The Colonel #93 The Pot and The Kettle

This week one of BLM’s leaders “allegedly” used funds donated to the organization to purchase a 6 million mansion and was called out on it by a reporter from The New York Magazine. The immediate, kneejerk reaction? Racism!

That the reporter also happened to be black is inconsequential, it’s not really about color, it’s about thought and the control thereof. It is racist to break with the agreed-upon line of thought, even if you are black, if that thought is contrary to Critical Race Theory (CRT) and the social agenda founded on it.

Economists like Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams have been ostracized for their constant pointing to the numbers and the science of economics that deny minorities are worse off economically because of white oppression. That educated black men like Sowell and Williams place the fault for current social conditions at the feet of the black community cannot be anything but racist.

BLM readily admits that they are not about improving the conditions in predominately black neighborhoods and opting instead for working for some vague notion of social justice. No sense in getting to the root of the problem—no headlines there.

Of course, not being woke, I fall for numbers that tell how fatherless homes produce children in trouble, prolonged adolescence produces a sense of entitlement, and finger-pointing worldviews like CRT produce a built-in incentive, if not to fail, then to kill all sense of personal responsibility that is needed to succeed.

I am also foolish enough to think this is not a black problem, a brown problem, a red problem, or a white problem. It is a problem with human thinking. People of all races, times, and places are too quick to seek the path of least resistance. This too human tendency inspires tyrants, dictators, and megalomaniacs to give us an enemy to hate and blame while we surrender responsibility for our lives for their promise of security.

Make no mistake about it groups like BLM, the KKK, La Raza, the PLO, and any other race/political based movements' first and foremost duty is to advance their ideology, not the people they claim to represent. Hypocrisy is color blind even if we are not.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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