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The Colonel #87 Hunting Monsters

“America goes not abroad in search of foreign monsters to destroy.”

Secretary of State John Q. Adams

You might remember that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different result. That statement leads me to believe Americans are insane. Will we ever learn that there are people in the world who do not share our concept of liberty? And that’s okay.

You cannot distill republican government to a piece of paper and hand it to people who have never known anything but tyranny. They just don’t get it, and again, that’s okay. Leave them be.

If America must support freedom fighters, I suggest going to the aid of Canadian truckers—instead of trying to seize millions of dollars in privately raised foreign aid meant for them.

Russia and the Ukraine have a long history. It’s not our fight. We have other more pressing priorities—like our self-inflicted wounds—massive debt, tyrannical regulatory agencies, a failing educational system, and medical despots mandating our behavior.

In a fight between liberty and tyranny, we should support liberty, but it’s a matter of priorities. We can strengthen our own institutions or go running around the world trying to transplant liberty upon infertile soil. If we choose the latter, we will find ourselves dragged into local wars and intervening in places like Vietnam, Iraq, Kuwait, and Afghanistan. Oh, wait, we’ve done that already and look at the thriving democracies left in our wake.

We don’t need to sacrifice the blood of our youth and spend billions of dollars, that we don’t have, on fights we cannot win. It’s not a matter of military might. It’s a matter of the hearts and the resolve of those on whose behalf we are intervening.

We should know by now that America can’t buy hearts with our money and blood—we seemed to be able to with welfare but that’s another story. If we want to deploy troops, our southern border is the place to do it. Although I hear Brandon is calling on the Guard to secure Washington DC from truckers. Seems a waste when he has Spartacus just across town in the Senate.

I enlisted during Vietnam. I didn’t agree with fighting a war we had no intention of winning, but I did it anyway. I came home, over 58,000 men and women did not. And for what? Honor? A sense of duty? There was that. But what if we had just been satisfied that the French couldn’t hold it and let the people there decide?

America didn’t stage a revolt until we tired of tyranny. Let others learn the same lessons we did, face the same perils we did, and overcome like we did. Then, they will be ready for liberty.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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