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The Colonel #84 Equality vs Equity

“Nature untrammelled by values, rules the Conditioners and, through them, all humanity.”

C.S. Lewis – The Abolition of Man

Equality is a value many Americans of every color, race, religion sex, and lifestyle share. It is valued and sought after by those people because they believe that we are all created equal. Every life is of equal value, every life is worth saving, every life is due an equal degree of dignity and respect. Equality in regard to our God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness means an equal opportunity to pursue those goals.

However, those who seek to alter the nature of America have seized the language of the day to replace equality with equity. They sound so much alike most people think they are the same thing. They are not.

Equality, as stated, provides the same opportunity for every person to pursue their goals—to work hard at a job, to start their own business, to spend their own earnings, and buy/make the things that make them happy. They are also given the same opportunity to fail and to make mistakes.

The opportunity is given to all, but there is no guaranteed outcome. Your life is what you make it. Most sane people of moderate intelligence know life offers no guarantees. Which is a sad commentary on the American government and our neighbors who demand not equality, but equity.

Equity has nothing to do with equal opportunity, equal effort, equal education, or equal personal worth. It is the adult equivalent of a participation trophy. Equity means there must be equal outcomes.

Let’s say my neighbor, we’ll call him Fred, and I both go into the book-selling business. We both open nice-looking shops in equally good locations. Fred stocks all the bestsellers and books students in the area are assigned to read. He’s open from 8am to 8pm six days a week and greets every customer with a smile and personal service. If Fred doesn’t stock the book you want, he will order it for you, at no extra charge.

I open my bookstore on Tuesday and Wednesday from 10am to 2pm, there’s nothing on my shelves published in the last two years. I will peek out of my office if you come in to browse and if I don’t stock it, you don’t need it.

Equity demands Fred and I make the same amount of money from our bookstores. Personal effort, learning best practices for the business, investment in time, stock, and service mean nothing—the outcome must be equal or Fred is cheating, receiving undue privileges, or the system is slanted to give Fred an unfair advantage.

Equity demands that the government step in, write new rules, build me a bigger building, hire me extra help, and requires that Fred share his earnings with me so that we receive the same outcome.

The reason Fred must do this is that I am the victim of oppression or prejudice and so cannot truly have had an equal chance to succeed. To help everyone understand this concept the government will institute an educational system that no only teaches equity, but implements it in grades, test scores, and school activities. It’s called Critical Race Theory and it's either here or coming to schools in your neighborhood soon.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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