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The Colonel #77 Joseph the Prophet

"It’s here now and it’s spreading and it’s going to increase," the president said about the omicron variant while meeting with his coronavirus response team. "For unvaccinated we are looking at a winter of severe illness and death if you’re unvaccinated for themselves, their families, and the hospitals they will soon overwhelm."

Let’s Go Brandon!

The all-knowing President, incapable of taking unrehearsed questions, has become a doom and gloom prophet—and a false one, so far. The last numbers I read in the mainstream media—the vaccinated made up the majority of those afflicted with the dreaded omicron variant. Their sniffles and sneezes reaching underwhelming proportions. And begging the question, one blogger I am familiar with has asked of Covid emergency room goers since July of last year, “But are you sick?”

The answer was decidedly no. They were not sick. They reported to the Emergency Room for two reasons. First, they were afraid. Terrified by the news, they didn’t wait to see what, if any, symptoms developed, thereby spurring others on to like actions.

The other reason is more insidious—because the ER is “free”. They cannot turn you away, and they cannot legally demand payment or proof of insurance either before treatment or before you exit. Calm down, I know some hospitals do. But it’s essentially a bluff used because it works more often than not.

Now, the would-be King Joe has resumed the role of a false prophet. Having failed in his prophecy of Trump dooming civilization as we know it. He has a new bugaboo. Kind of makes me long for the days of the Old Testament when the remedy for false prophecy was stoning.

His statement plays on the fear that there won’t be hospital beds for the “good and obedient” sheep because the “selfish” goats will be occupying them. I cannot say with certainty this won’t be so (I’m not as insane as Joe). I can say this with certainty. The unvaccinated folks I know (me included), would not go to the hospital while they are conscious and able to stop it from happening. So, you can have my bed. Why, yes, I was a nurse for twenty-five years—why do you ask?

I don’t have a death wish. I have a life wish, and I want to see it through on my terms, not Joe’s.

The cry of “Let’s go Brandon” needs to ring throughout the land, but never more loudly than in November of 2022 and November 2024. Time for POTUS to receive the single-finger salute to his demands for obeisance to his commands.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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