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The Colonel #76 The New, New Normal

"Permanent means indefinite. It doesn’t necessarily mean permanent…"

Oregon Health Authority

Oregon has decided that its two-year-old indoor mask mandate should be a permanent part of the new normal everyone is raving about. Well, probably more like everyone in Portland. They are not alone. Many governments with mask mandates have no plan for ever lifting their rules.

And why should they? The present rules and media campaigns have worked so well indoctrinating the citizenry in obedience to the rules set down by their betters. The rule of experts and those who have purchased them is the new normal—the American way.

The thinking is that we as humans have progressed beyond anything so archaic as the Constitution. Life is so much more complex, viruses so much more deadly, that the ignorant masses can’t be counted on to know what to do. This is the core of the liberal gospel and behind every salvation they offer.

Their thinking is not so far-fetched.

There is no push to produce, no urging to responsible action, our government pays people to stay home, pays farmers to not grow crops, and pays other countries to supply us with things we can make ourselves. And all with our own tax dollars. Doing and thinking are no longer essential, the government is there to take care of us.

It is a small step from caretaker to master. Knowing what is best for the common good can take on all kinds of shapes. Protecting the fearful from their anxieties and re-educating people to think correctly might require safeguards that are only possible in isolated camps.

I have no quarrels with people in places like Oregon, Washington, and California wanting to wear masks forever. As long as they keep that decision and themselves in those woke places. But they are not staying in the safety of their havens. I think the blue migration is by design.

The entire country needs to be safe, even if they don’t like it. What better way to spread that gospel than by sending missionaries to the heathen? If enlightening those in ignorant darkness means subjecting them to less freedom and a few government mandates, so be it. We will live among them and show them the way to the new normal where we are all safe and happy in Uncle Sam’s arms.

Sic semper tyrannis.

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