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The Colonel #74 Tribal Conflict

I have a conundrum that I hope Joe Biden and his Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin can answer for me. Not really, I simply wish to point out the insanity of both men.

Secretary Austin says one of his priorities is to search the armed forces and root out white supremacy. White servicemen and women should be rejoicing over his goal. Seventy-three percent of the dead in Iraq and Afghanistan were white. It’s a comfort to know in the next war it will be mandated that all races die proportionally. I can’t wait to see how the President and his Secretary pull it off.

Tribalism, with its emphasis on race and pedigree as the essential determinants as to who an individual is and the degree of that person’s inherent worth, is the greatest challenge to the idea of what it means to be an American.

Hyphenated Americans have a loyalty that transcends that of the nation. They are something else before they are citizens of this nation of ours. No one can truly serve two masters and that should always be at the forefront of the mind seeking to establish trust, openness, and equality.

I see so many who are busy trying to identify their tribe and wonder how many ways can a person divide their fidelity until it is no longer reliable. The ancient Greeks believed that tribalism was the death knell of civilization. The tribes of northern Europe proved it to the Romans. It produced genocide in Rwanda and fractured Yugoslavia into ethnic conclaves.

America is abandoning the notion that we are one nation under God—a nation worthy of our alliance. We prefer our little groups all striving to leverage their victimhood into an advantage for their tribe at the expense of the nation.

Sic semper tyrannis.

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