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The Colonel #73 Election for Sale

Four hundred million Zuckerbucks were distributed with strings attached. Officials were required to work with “partner organizations” to massively expand mail-in voting and staff their election operations with partisan activists. The plan was genius. And because no one ever imagined that the election system could be privatized in this way, there were no laws to prevent it.”

Mollie Hemingway Author, Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections

As long as there have been elections, there has been voter fraud. There are no innocent by-gone days to which we may look back on nostalgically. However, because evil and evil people exist is no reason to give carte blanche to either. If we cannot totally eliminate voter fraud, we can severely limit it.

The solution is simple, cheap, and effective—fatal qualities when proposing ideas to our federal government—ask supporters of a flat tax on income with no deductions.

Here's the way to do it. All voters, not on active military duty outside their home state, must vote in person and show a voter registration ID… period.

Of course, Joseph Stalin would advise us that it’s not those who vote that count, but those who count the votes. That was never truer than in 2020.

But the streamlined voting procedure would mean no private “partners” would be needed to “help” the actual election officials, some of whom are shady enough without assistance.

Political operatives could help get out the vote because that is all they would be allowed to do—no harvesting, no helping cure votes, no assisting people with filling out their ballot, no ballots lost or found in mailboxes.

Thus, securing for every voter the right to vote with a secret ballot that they cast themselves. Isn’t that what voting is supposed to be about?

I know of a very loving couple who every election came to the nursing home where I worked to load their aged, bed/chair-bound mama into the car and take her to vote. Oh, yes, and they happened to be southern, black Democrats. The very people that, according to Democrats, voter ID requirements are supposed to keep from the polls. My point? If you wish to vote, you can, and if it’s really important to you, you will find a way to do it—age, race, and disability notwithstanding.

A card with your picture on it is not too high a price to pay for an opportunity to vote in a meaningful, honest, election. At least one as honest and meaningful as we can make it. By the way, the same couple took their mama to the DMV to keep her ID up to date, so when voting time came around, she was ready to proudly present it at the poll. Just saying.

Granted, I do not appreciate all the fuss about voting and elections, especially when the solution is simple and unused. The present system is in place solely to allow cheating.

You don’t need his fact-checkers to know where the creator of Facebook stands on election integrity—actions, especially multimillion-dollar actions, speak louder than “facts”.

Elections nowadays are like face masks and vaccinations. They provide a false sense of security while the federal agencies that demand them strip citizens of their liberty.

Sic semper tyrannis.

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