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The Colonel #53 America, Just Do It

If a person is a hearer, and not a doer… they are like one looking at themselves in a mirror. They see themselves but when they walk away, they immediately forget what they look like.

Paraphrase of James 1:23-24

As good nieces and nephews of our Uncle Sam, as we look in the mirror before stepping out to celebrate his birthday, what do you see? No, don’t look beside you to see if that person is standing up—stand on your own two feet, if you still have them—and take a look at yourself.

The person you see reflected in the glass. They are the person tasked with the duty of preserving life, liberty, and the opportunity for us to pursue happiness in this country. If you are depending on someone else to do it for you—you have forgotten what America looks like.

America is people who argue, disagree, fight, criticize, even hate—the same people who stand shoulder to shoulder against disaster, attack, and tragedy. We are cantankerous, quarrelsome, opinionated individualists, who throughout the course of our history have willingly laid down our lives for one another in defense of the freedom to be who we are.

You’re right I criticize the government on a regular basis, but the eighteen-year-old kid I still see traces of in the mirror did not take an oath to defend the government. He took an oath to defend the Constitution, the same Constitution that the majority of our elected officials say should be done away with—though they took the same oath.

This is a great country and the most amazing thing about it is that its biggest critics and enemies refuse to leave it for a better one. We have an entire generation in our midst today who has only heard how terrible it is here, they whine and cry about being oppressed, but never do the things that make for the kind of life and liberty we enjoy in America.

Let’s resolve ourselves to be doers of the American ideals we strive for even in the face of those it offends and give new life to the warning, “Don’t Tread on Me.”


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