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The Colonel #49 Death From Within

A number of wasps are called parasitoids, that is they lay their eggs inside the bodies of others which sooner or later causes the host insect to die. It must be the devil’s work. Darwin could not imagine God designing such a natural relationship. It turns out that wasps are not the only creatures that practice feeding their posterity on the carcasses of the unsuspecting. For the last eight decades, American politicians have been refining their skills at this practice. Ironically, in the case of politicians, the soon-to-be dead are the greatest contributors to the process.

Americans have long been warned about their death coming from within and yet remain willfully ignorant. We are too fascinated by ignorant bartenders and the twisted thinking of Muslims in Congress to notice the weapons we provide such enemies. The ligature that is currently strangling American freedom is the regulatory government agency. Allow me to introduce a few by their common names, Department of Education, Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, or my personal favorite, the Veterans Administration.

These agencies are the creation of Congress and the step-children of a couple of Presidents. They exist because Congress says we need them “for our own good.” They have been granted the power to write “regulations” that are de facto laws without the legal requirement to adhere to the legislative process.

Let’s say the Secretary of Education awakens some beautiful morning and decides all school children in America must be taught the moon is made of green cheese. He gathers together the green cheese scientists and announces the new directive. He signs the regulation into “law.” Public schools must then adhere to the regulation to teach children the moon is made of green cheese or loses the federal funding they are dependent upon. It also means that students not receiving the proper government-funded lunar education will find it very difficult to get into colleges teaching the green cheese directive.

The Secretary, to assure compliance, creates a series of forms that school administrators must sign saying the subject is being taught. Teacher’s unions must assure teachers are teaching in accordance with the new regulation, and inspectors of forms and practice are dispersed to ensure compliance.

But, the parents in the Dimwit District Schools don’t believe the moon is made of green cheese and protest to the local school board. They are condescendingly reminded that they are not educators and that this subject is too technical for them to properly understand. They are ignored and the teachers are instructed to double down on assignments reflecting the new understanding of the subject. Some parents still do not accept the new regulation and find their protests have become the subject of unflattering news broadcasts. One of their leaders, a teacher who does not believe the new regulation is needed, is discovered to have kissed a girl on the playground in third grade proving conclusively that non-compliance with the new regulation is part of the war on women…and a hate crime. The teacher is fired, or if he has tenure, harassed out of his job.

When that teacher decides to fight his termination, who does he go to? The Department of Education where the outcome is a foregone conclusion. This unelected agency is thus legislature, executive, and judicial branches all in one. In the eyes of the Founders, the three branches of government invested in a single entity amounted to tyranny whether that entity was a king or a Democratic appointee.

Public cries for bringing the “full weight” of the government to bear on a problem begins with a government-issued boot on our necks while the seeds of our own death are injected into our lives. What politicians cannot accomplish through the ballot box, they will do by regulating the opposition into submission. The time is rapidly approaching when Americans are faced with the choice between enslavement and a new revolution against tyranny.

It is our duty, and that of our representatives, to begin to dismantle the multitude of regulatory agencies and return to the republican form of government outlined in the Constitution. They can make the move “for the good of all”.


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