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The Colonel #45 Guilty By Birth

“The so-called miracle of birth is nature getting her own way.”

Camille Paglia

The results are in and are indisputable. The degree of influence played by genetics (nature) vs environment (nurture) on the final outcome of the constructive process of human personality has been settled once and for all. Nature is everything, nurture is nothing.

Now, I’ve always been a proponent of the idea that both to varying degrees determine personality. Which goes to show you what I know. The complete victory of genetics is touted by the media, hailed by society, and lives a fully active life as identity politics.

The conclusion goes like this; if you can identify as a victim because of race, gender, or lifestyle, you are entitled to more than equal opportunity and equal rights—you are entitled to equal outcomes in every field of human endeavor. Your abundance or dearth of skill, effort, and persistence are meaningless. Therefore, you need not work for a living, contribute to society, or make any effort to improve yourself—all these things are owed to you by reason of your birth as a victim.

If you cannot identify as a victim, that is that you are born a straight, white male, you are irredeemably racist and sexist in thought, sentiment, and action. There is nothing you can do or say to change the consequences of your birth. Nor is there any inequality that qualifies you to be considered anything but an oppressor of real human beings.

Corporations and government entities may subject you to sensitivity training, civil rights indoctrination, and shaming, but they do so knowing full well you cannot be saved from the nature of your birth or the responsibility for every evil perpetrated on earth from the Garden until today.

Human worthiness and the natural ability to “love thy neighbor as thyself” is a hierarchy predicated on one’s degree of victimhood. The pinnacle of victimhood/sainthood, I suppose, is the gender-neutral, bisexual of an indeterminate race who votes Democrat. But, of course, by reason of my birth, I cannot know for sure.

These are the facts of life. Don’t believe me? Watch prime-time network television for a week as they play out the dissertations on doctrine presented by the Black/Native/Hispanic/Asian/Muslim/women’s Congressional Caucuses for approved broadcast on American airways.

This doctrine of immutable nature is not some hidden agenda. It is the core belief of every victim and the very definition of systemic racism, which indisputably exists in the fabric of America and cannot be exorcised. It is openly preached, overtly practiced by the sainted victims, and clearly understood to exist by whites who think there is a means of penance that will satisfy the aggrieved.

You cannot undo your birth, except—well to die. But if you die being white you are sure to have bad karma and be reborn in an even more undesirable state. Wait! Is there are more undesirable state? I don’t think so, but such things are beyond me.

I must live here and now with the dire consequences of my birth and the racist/sexist nature I have inherited as my nature. Since there is no escape from living while white, I choose to embrace my white maleness and follow the example shown in the divine intervention demonstrated in God’s response to Israel’s complaint of manna with no meat. You might remember in that case God gave them their desire until it came out their nostrils.

If I am irredeemably racist and sexist, why not play the assigned role of my nature to the hilt? Be all you can be and all that, for such, is also my nature. If I can do nothing that is not racist/sexist, why worry about doing anything that might smack of equality or fairness?

Being born a white male has brought me nothing and entitles me to nothing—unless you count the rejection of my writing by publishers who only seek persons of color, women, and the alphabet people. Nevertheless, I am not ashamed of being white and even less so of being a man. I know that is offensive, but what can I do? That is my inescapable nature and all the behavior modification, and social nurturing cannot undo my birth. So neighbors, enjoy.


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