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The Colonel #42 The Tree of Liberty

The Constitution outlines a proposed system of government. A sort of blueprint, that’s all it was—until We the People gave our consent for it to be the law of the land. It was not handed down on tablets of stone, not enacted by a parliament, or decreed by a king. It was an expression of We the People, gathered together in our respective states drawing its authority from this consent of the governed.

It grants us no rights. Our rights are, as the founders declared, ours by virtue of our being human. They are granted by God. Government exists only to protect those rights of life, liberty, and to be secure in our property, and pursuit of happiness.

The Constitution, by the behest of We the People, created a deliberate acting government with specific, limited powers and duties. Those who compiled the Constitution were rightly concerned with the powerful nations occupying the continent with them. But what they truly feared was the government they were creating. Thomas Paine’s assessment of government as a necessary evil was shared by his contemporaries. (And as we have come to see clearly, it was a well-founded fear.)

The founders had a realistic view of human nature drawn from centuries of human history. Madison who said the fact that men are not angels demands the existence of some form of government also knew the government would be made up of those same men. It was only reasonable therefore that We the People needed to be protected from the very government he was helping to create.

Like paradise and all things touched by men, every government established among humans has been corrupted by those hungry to feed their desire to rule over others. As the 19th century, turned the page into the 20th century, our representatives have openly told us there are no inalienable rights but that all rights are a grant from the managers of government given for the protection of the State.

The design of government is no longer to protect We the People from the government, but the central government from our meddling, insistent demands for our rights. Laws have been replaced by regulations, representatives by regulators, and legislative deliberation by administrative whims based upon and designed to mold us into a manageable conglomeration to serve some nebulous “good of all” determined by people in hidden corners of agencies.

We the People are gone “All”, as decided and defined by the government, is now your name. Your role has been handed down—with an order to squeeze yourself into it, you selfish, non-compliant bastards. The media blasts our senses with the message to comply, submit, and behave “correctly.”

And like sheep, we have followed the tinkling bells of the goats. There has been little argument, less resistance, and no fight. We deserve our chains and those we are chained to.

Government, by its nature, is predicated upon the use of force, or at least the threat of it. The guardians of our country from foes within and without are people with guns.

Our Declaration of Independence accepts the rare necessity of dissolving the political bonds that bind people to others in order to preserve their God-given rights. To believe that dissolving those bonds is possible without the use of force—be it violent or non-violent—against armed government servants is the worst kind of naïve blindness.

You know that, right?


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