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The Colonel #40 Czarist America

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

We have to pass the law to find out what is in it.

Nancy Pelosi

Though I am loathed to admit it Speaker Pelosi was telling the truth—if only on this one occasion. It is a very sad truth, but that the basic tenets of our Constitution have been abandoned and Pelosi knows it because she has helped make it so.

Article. I, Section. 1—the first words of the Constitution following the preamble vests all legislative power in a Congress… Stated plainly, Congress makes all the laws. During the upheaval of the 1930s, the Supreme Court ruled that Congress could delegate this responsibility to the New Deals many programs.

And yet, here we are.

Congress no longer legislates, the President no longer executes, and the Court no longer judges. And we love to have it so. I say that because while we may grumble about it, we accept it.

Today, lawmaking (as well as enforcement, and judging violations) rests in the hands of unelected, tenured bureaucrats, led by a cadre of czars, locked into a mindless march to secure their positions against all foes foreign and domestic. The bill that Congress passed that spurned the Speaker’s famous line was not a set of laws to be followed. It was the creation of a government entity that would take the goals of Congress and make it happen—well, at least as they saw fit.

That is the way our modern government—to create arms and legs to make the rules, enforce the rules, prosecute violators of the rules, and judge what shall be the punishment for resistance to the rules. None of these rules nor those charged with making them are elected by the people. They are appointed by sympathizers.

There are approximately two million people working full-time in two-thousand plus agencies who have churned out over 70,000 regulations “for the good of all.” They cannot be fired, only theoretically can they be forced to resign, and cannot be impeached. Among them are the folks of the Veterans Administration who are ecstatic if they achieve a 30% satisfaction rating with their work on our behalf.

This state of affairs exists because we the people have swallowed whole the lie that life and government are too complicated for people like us—we need experts to make rules for living for us and to see we don’t screw things up.

Since the 1970s only two Presidents (Regan and Clinton) have enjoyed approval ratings over (barely) fifty percent. The rest got nowhere near that. What is worst is that all those Presidents had better approval ratings than Congress.

Could it be that neither does its job anymore? If you think so, you need to turn that critical eye on the real culprits—we the people, the ones who love to have it so.

Are you too ignorant to decide the issues for yourself? The regulators think so, as do the ones who feel it their duty to explain the world to you while telling you morning, noon, and night what to think. But, beware the Congress, their cronies in the media, and popular opinion has attempted to discredit and crucify those who seek to rein in government agencies. You could become a tattooed number in a boxcar bound for hades.

It is time to throw this government out and start again. We have a workable blueprint. We have the votes, and if not we have the arms. Do we have the will?


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