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The Colonel # 37 Party On!

“You gotta fight, for your right—to party!” Beastie Boys

I must admit that the Beastie Boys and their music came along after my prime. But when a friend sang these lines the other night, it meshed into my ongoing thinking about this blog post. I was feeling troubled over the repeated times that day that I heard people talking about what they would do “when this thing is over.” This bit of future fantasy is more fanciful than any of my friend Jack’s fiction.

I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade—oh, who am I kidding? That is exactly the reason for this post. If you are planning a celebratory march when this is over, better buy an umbrella now.

“This thing” is not going to end. It is a virus. It is here to stay just like the ones you know and love—the common cold, the flu, and herpes. Viruses do not go away of their own accord or because the government says they are over. They are rendered powerless by either vaccination (75% chance of that) or my exposure to the virus that produces antibodies.

Masks have the capacity to slow the spread. They will not make the virus disappear. It is out there waiting for you. The virus is not the only thing that is not going away. The “crisis mode” behavior being imposed on the population is not going away either.

I was grocery shopping yesterday and decided to conduct a little experiment of sorts. The chain store where I was walking the aisles issued six Covid announcements in support of masks, avoiding each other, and upholding the CDC in thirty minutes. Why “educate” people every five minutes when they have been living with these things for a year?

Independent thinking is a virus that worries the government. Vaccinating for that problem ensures immunity to ideas like “found” ballots, small business entrepreneurship, Monsanto executives becoming the head of the FDA, the handing over of basic freedoms to group-think, and a new subjective truth.

How sad that families sat at home during the holidays convinced by governors that they had no right to party. That is not going away either—unless we the people fight for our rights. We know all about the Second Amendment. Have we forgotten First? The right to peaceably assemble, to worship, and to speak up in opposition to our leaders.

The first duty of government (as understood by those who wrote our Constitution) is to protect our rights. Uncle Sam is not going to back off his treading of our rights underfoot. Congress will not make him and the courts refuse to intervene. No one is left but—we the people.

Don’t let freedom slip away waiting for someone to stand up next to you. Take the initiative. Stand up, Speak out. You gotta fight, for your right, to party.


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