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The Colonel #101 Death From Above

“We make a mistake in thinking about politics simply in terms of a Left versus Right dynamic. The opportunity today really lies in a Top versus Bottom Dynamic. An elite class of people are acting in their own interest and against the interest of the vast majority of Americans…”

Christopher F. Rufo

It is naïve to suppose that the members of Congress still retain the ability or the will to preserve our freedom. They long ago abdicated their Constitutional authority to legislate. Real power has been transferred to the labyrinth of government agencies that write their own rules. The experts ensconced within these agencies seek only to expand their power to impose their ideology on the rest of us.

We didn’t get Common Core or No Child Left Behind by popular demand. Businesses and churches were not kept closed, masks imposed, and chemical injections ordered because the people demanded it. The pipeline wasn’t closed, allowing oil and gas dependence to drive prices up because we asked for it or even because our representatives petitioned for it. Those things and millions more have been imposed on us from the top down.

The political party in office makes little difference. As St. Paul told the church at Ephesus,

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this age...”

We are fighting ideologies ingrained in minds indoctrinated since childhood who detest liberty for the ignorant masses. I’m not speaking strictly of American schools. The screens in our homes are slowly enslaving the population. Big Tech has become the fourth branch of government monitoring “misinformation”, setting standards for proper thought and expression, and engineering shortages while they drive competitors from the marketplace with the fear they project onto the gullible and willfully ignorant.

Lenin called his programmed, unwitting accomplices “useful idiots”. The Governor of Alabama called them “regular folks” as opposed to the deplorable unvaccinated people who were the root cause of all the state’s problems last year. The regular folks are all still fixated on their televisions ready to do whatsoever the top sends down to them.

The Republican or Democrat living next door is not the enemy. The enemy wears a thousand faces—faces that fill the news, sports, and big screen. The enemy is an idea, a cancerous idea that our country, our freedom, and our ideas are to be hated, while our history is dismantled, and our future chains dictated from above.

Sic Semper Tyrannis

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