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Lost Crusader #94 Experience God

“With a view to action experience seems in no respect inferior to art, and men of experience succeed even better than those who have theory without experience.”

Metaphysics, Aristotle

The promise of God is—And you shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. And I will be found of you, says the Lord…(Jeremiah 29:13-14)

Where have you looked for God? But maybe the first question should have been, did you really search for God? I say this because I know people who claim to have searched for God but found a church, a doctrine, or theories about God rather than the Person of God.

There are people who will spend days trying to find two cents in order to balance their checkbook yet expect to say, “Where are you, God?” And have Him announce His presence.

If you wish to experience the living God, you must seek him without conditions and preconceived notions until you find Him. I have supreme confidence that anyone earnestly seeking God, no matter where they begin, will ultimately find God.

Moreover, when you do, right and wrong will make more sense than rules, theories, or personal opinions because your knowledge will be grounded in objective experience. A personal experience with a living being is more real, more satisfying, and more fruitful than espousing theories and formulas.

No matter your past or present, God is not an angry monster to be feared. Neither is God yours to construct. I am that I am, is God’s description of himself. You take him as he is, just as he will receive you. The difference is that a relationship with the divine will make you a better version of yourself. God is already perfect. He will draw you into that perfection of soul and spirit and crown it with a celestial body.

But first, you must want it enough to look for it.


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