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Lost Crusader #86 Radical Faith

As a dog returns to his own vomit, so a fool returns to his own folly.

Proverbs 26:11

When people are continually bombarded by a single ideology when the correctness of conforming to that ideology is equated with goodness, and the questioning of it anathema, any other opinion is seen as radical folly and hatred. In such a state it is difficult to freely reason and exercise free choice.

As a Christian, I know this is true. I know it because, to our shame, the church has practiced these methods bringing into captivity nations, empires, and its own faith. That is not to say every Christian or church is guilty, just as I am sure not every journalist is the mindless slave of the fourth estate.

The point I wish to share is that truth, righteousness, and godliness demand a soul depart from the expectations of the world—even the expectations of the established church—and by the exercise of reason and choice be transformed by the Spirit of God.

The path of least resistance is not The Way. Jesus is The Way. He is also the embodiment of The Truth and The Life. By His own admission, He is the path less followed. To walk away from one’s inherent nature into something radically opposed to the flow and pull of the prevailing society is not for everyone. Many are called to it, few pursue it.

Easier is the way that leads back to our own comfort hidden away among the masses worshipping the least common denominator. Easier to identify with the ideology of the moment, speak the language of the times, and bow down to the recommendation of “science” falsely so-called.

The Way is not a smooth path, easy on the feet. It is strewn with rocks and briars meant to wear away the traveler’s courage and resolve, ever with the siren’s song to return. As easily as a dog eats again that which sickened him, do men return to the philosophies, ideologies, and behaviors that are their own downfall.

Stand up. Speak up. Let us not be terrified by the words or the backs turned upon us, what have we to do with those marching to their own destruction, but to be a voice of truth? Beloved this must begin in the house of God. It is time to make a difference between the followers of Jesus and the followers of a church willing to prostrate itself to the will of society.

Jesus did not take the easy path to find you. You will not find the road has gotten easier. Let’s us go without the camp to the principles of Christ.

But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul. Hebrew 10:39


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