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Lost Crusader #211 Herald Angels

“For what if some did not believe? Shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect?

Romans 3:3

The story of Christmas is difficult for the modern mind to fathom. The odds of all the prophecies mentioned in the gospels occurring in a single person’s birth are beyond the average person’s comprehension. Just imagine how mindboggling it must have been as it was happening.

While faith is born of hearing, for most of us, seeing is believing. Therefore God, chose a series of witnessed supernatural events to prepare the participants for the greatest supernatural event of all time, the Incarnation. Those charged with setting the scene were the herald angels of whom we sing.

The first arrived about fifteen months before the birth of Christ. Zacharias was about his priestly duties in the temple when the angel Gabriel suddenly appeared with a message for him. He and Elisabeth were about to become parents in their old age. Their son would come in the spirit and power of Elijah to point out the Messiah.

Six months later, this same Gabriel appeared to Mary with a startling announcement—she was going to have a son. The problem for Mary was that she was a virgin and a betrothed virgin at that. It would be difficult enough to say for herself, “let it be”, but she had a husband to consider. Joseph would bear the shame as well.

God, though Sovereign of all, asks only that which is given freely. So, he sent an angelic messenger into Joseph’s dreams. Joseph, a just man, agreed to God’s plan. He went ahead with the marriage and named Mary’s firstborn son, Jesus.

When the baby arrived, the angel of the Lord appeared to shepherds inviting them to come and see the fulfillment of His promise to save His people. As if one angel were not enough the night sky exploded with angels announcing peace on earth, good will toward men. The shepherds were convinced and found everything just as they were told it would be.

There is yet one more angelic appearance associated with the Incarnation. Magi in a faraway land saw “a Star out of Jacob”. The ancient prophesy of a Scepter rising out of Israel unfolded in the night sky. This was no comet or natural alignment of planets as some suppose. It was an angel sent to guide the way.

Belief does not compel God’s action, neither does disbelief annul it. God speaks and acts of His own volition to do as He wills. God does not need us, but God wants us. Why the Creator of all seeks out my fellowship is, to me, a great mystery. Nevertheless, I know it to be true. I know it by experience. The supernatural has broken through into my life too.

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