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Lost Crusader #110 Hold My Wine

“…Lord, if it be thou, bid me come unto thee on the water. And he said, Come.”

Matthew 14: 28-29

This is a rather well know Bible story and much attention is paid to Peter’s flagging faith and need of rescue. Which is all true, by the way, and not an unnecessary lesson. But you can hear that anywhere and it is not the issue I wish to raise here.

I want you to think about something with me and it begins with the answer to a simple question. As far as scripture records, how many of Jesus’s disciples ever walked on water? That’s right, one. Do you know why? Right again, because only one dared to jump out of the boat.

Peter has been denigrated ever since for taking a chance on faith. Herein is a lesson often missed—that disapproval is the fate of those who dare—they do the impossible when it’s safer to do nothing and are forever put down if they falter in the least.

Christianity is for risk-takers, for those brave enough to dare. That is because Christianity is not a formula that every person is squeezed into, it is a freewheeling attempt to imitate Jesus and sometimes that means jumping out of the boat and going to Him.

“Lord, if that’s what you're doing ---I want to do it too!” Not for show, but because I wish to be as He is, do what He does.

One last thought on the story and here we are left on our own. How did Peter get back into the boat? We know he did, but how?

I prefer to think he walked beside Jesus, maybe holding His hand. But maybe Jesus carried him—not a bad way to travel. But I dare to imagine the wet guy in the boat felt happier and more alive than his dry companions.


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