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Lost Crusader #107 Unfailing Love

“Charity never faileth: but whether there be prophecies, they shall fail; whether there be tongues, they shall cease; whether knowledge, it shall vanish away.”

1 Corinthians 13:8

There are many attributes ascribed to love that have only a passing acquaintance with it. Love conquers all. Love makes the world go around. These ideas as with most modern concepts of love have more to do with Harlequin-like romance than love.

The quality of love that ensures it never fails is not a sweet emotion. It is the down-in-the-dirt-of-every-day-life bulldog faithfulness of the Spirit who drives a person beyond themselves. The love God gives never fails because it never quits.

The scripture says that God is love. His love never gives up on us. Though we forsake God, though we abandon the divine path in favor of our own ways, though we wallow with the hogs, God waits for us, love unabated, just where we left Him.

It is this faithfulness of God that is our salvation. God’s steadfast love allows us to live by faith free from the chains of legalism and societal expectations. We try our best, we seek the right way, and, of course, we still fail. We fall flat on our face, only to look up to see God, divine hand extended, ready to lift us up again.

We never fail because God never fails to show us his faithfulness. We deny him, he remains faithful. We are rejected, depressed, humiliated—God loves us and stands with us. God knows our troubles and heartaches. He knows because He is there through it all.

We live in a time when our family, friends, and neighbors openly condemn us for daring to trust in God's provision rather than rely on the false assurances of their earthly masters. We seem forsaken—cast out to bear the iron fist of coercion all alone. But come what may, we are not alone.

Yes, God is with us, but He is not alone.. Just as He told Elijah, He still has those who have not bowed the knee to idols. Stand up for God, strengthen the hands that hang down. Be an instrument of divine love to those around you. Love never fails.


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