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Lost Crusader #105 Loved to Death

“All you need is love, love, Love is all you need.”

John Lennon/Paul McCartney

To love and be loved is a wonderful thing. The scripture reminds us that God is love. However, love is definitely not all you need. C.S. Lewis reminded his readers that there was no one virtue that was ever and always to be followed at the cost of all else… not even love. Love can kill as well as heal.

Doubt it? Love has motivated many a soul to do great harm. To use the example many of my Christian contemporaries are most familiar with, restrictions on where you go, what you see, how you are to dress, and a grocery list of restricted behaviors that many say drove them from the church. Was it not parental love that powered those thou shalt nots leading to spiritual deaths?

How interesting it is that those who fled such love now play the hypocrite by cheerfully imposing the same restricting, choking love upon their neighbors. Oh, how “do as I say” has come to reign over “do unto others” by the spiritual but not religious crowd who so despise churches.

It should not come as a surprise that those who lack focus and self-direction for their spirituality should turn to the State for their doctrine of submission and service to the hive under threat of destruction.

Can I get a hallelujah on the FM church when King Joe comes on the hourly news to tell you how others who think differently are a danger to you? Can you say “Amen” when Gov. Ivey preaches that those people—we all know who they are—are the reason for every social ill?

I mean they say it out of love, right? Out of concern for the good of all? If King Joe takes away your job it is because he is concerned for your health and loves everybody.

It sounds very much like I am speaking politically here, but it is not so. Presidents and Governors can have no real power except people grant it to them. It is churches and those on the pews I am speaking to here. You are willing to sit by and see your neighbor destroyed along with the country and call it love for your brother.

Jesus did not do this! He laid down his life not only for his brethren but for those that opposed him and hated him without a cause. Jesus touched the lepers. How many masked pew-sitters will not get within six feet of those who pose them no threat?

The day has arrived which the scriptures foretold when the elect would believe a lie more than the truth. It is because we can no longer discern the truth and are too lazy to seek it.

Read 1 Corinthians 13 again. Love takes action. Love does not seek its own, it cries out against injustice. You value your churches and your assemblies, but how long shall you have them once the State decides they are a danger to the health of the community? When you take that basket of food to your unemployed neighbor, remember it was your consent, not King Joe’s decree that created the need.


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