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Know Jack #422 Power to the Writers, Right On!

“If the spirit of the ruler rise up against thee, leave not thy place; for yielding pacifieth great offences. ~Solomon.


This is not one of the Lost Crusader’s sermons. It is more the ghost of the Colonel, like Marley, come to haunt me with the rattling chains I have forged in life. The thought as expressed by Solomon is rather ironic. The king did not handle opposition well, as is true of most kings. It does explain Solomon’s excesses. To give in to unjust wrongs is only to encourage more of the same.

So, here I take my stand to defend goofy-looking, straight, White, male writers everywhere who suffer exclusion, oppression, and inequity at the hands of the masses our existence offends. It is high time we demand fair play for GSWMW. Where is our category in libraries and bookstores? When is our month of pride?

Change can only come when we throw off the chains of oppression that relegate us to obscurity where books are sold and the suppression of our DEI rights. Are we not people? Are we not unique? Where then is our recognition and reparation for the systemic prejudice against us?

I planned to run a marathon this month only to find that there is no GSWMW category for me to win. I was equally excluded from the local university that offers no GSWMW Studies curriculum. I cannot grow and feel empowered when there are no courses of study. The feelings of depression and stress I experience at being invalidated by society shorten my life span and render me unfulfilled. No one in America should have to live under such conditions of oppression and exclusion.

Fight cultural bias—buy my books. Power to the writers, right on!

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