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Know Jack #414 To Thine Own Self Be True

The Department of Health and Human Services has a new gender pronoun policy. Employees must use preferred pronouns forcing them to deny biological realities or face firing. Human Services has a partner in the move to foist the State’s ideology upon the masses. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has said, “continued intentional use of an incorrect name or pronoun (or both) could, in certain circumstances, contribute to an unlawful hostile work environment.”

Now, I freely admit to crafting imaginary worlds, and talking to the make-believe characters who inhabit them. I’m a fiction writer, it’s what I do. Nevertheless, I still know the difference between flesh and blood people and the characters I make up. While I may disappear for hours into Louisiana, Texas, or Wyoming, I don’t confuse those trips with the ones that physically placed me in those spots.

No matter how positively I think about it, there is no Lockett, Louisiana and Ed Landry is not the sheriff there. Why? Because my thinking it does not make it so. This may come as a shock to all the co-creators out there, but you haven’t got the power to make one white hair black without a box of dye.

Classical philosophers thought about how people fit into the universe. Modern philosophers think they create the universe. For all their thinking neither has significantly altered the raw human material and our little speck in the universe has suffered for their efforts.

I support people’s freedom to choose to call themselves whatever they like, be it man, woman, cat, or unicorn. I do not support their right to impose that choice on the rest of the world. Free speech allows you to say pretty much anything you want. It does not impose on me the duty to rent you a lecture hall to say it in.

Identify however you wish, just don’t expect me to go along with it. It’s better to be an imprisoned rebel than a free slave.


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