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Know Jack #407 Do as I Say.

“The essence of government is force, and most often that force is used to accomplish evil ends.” ~Walter Williams

The greatest lie since “Ye shall be as gods…” is that our modern world is too complex for everyday people to understand or to know what to do. This lie was developed in the late 1800’s and has not been expanded upon but taken as gospel. If you’re not a student of truth, at least follow the money and the power. Who has this doctrine benefited most?

The founders were students of history and that influenced the way they structured our government. But the real determining factor was that they knew human nature. They knew whatever grand scheme of government a country may espouse; it will be administered by human beings and that will always be its greatest weakness. The founders feared power consolidated in a single set of hands or a single faction for that reason.

They were right but they were overruled by people who had “evolved”. By the end of the 19th Century, even though people were better and smarter, the world was still too complicated for them to understand. Experts were needed to shepherd the unsophisticated masses. Every crisis needed governmental expertise.

As our government is gearing up for mandates and lockdowns of the populace, it’s interesting to find the former mask evangelist, who is no longer the government’s voice, says they are unnecessary. The President wants more money to spend on “vaccines that work”. There’s no real push on to make this sound true or threatening anymore. Force is enough. We as citizens should ask ourselves to what end is this force to be employed?

The original temptation hasn’t lost its strength. There are those who still seek to be as gods and will find a way to get as close to that as they can. The way is called government.


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