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Know Jack #378 Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions can be difficult to keep. They can be especially difficult for writers, like me, who have trouble managing the multiple voices vying for control of the agenda. I began the year with a definite plan to write four books (only half of which I have an idea about the storyline) and a timetable for when each project was to begin.

That plan lasted three and a half days. Three-quarters of the way through book number one in the lineup, Ed Landry rushed in demanding to be heard. I protested that he wasn’t due to begin until the start of summer.

“Yeah? Well, you’d write this down,” he replied.

That was when the plan began to fall apart. I probably should have told him to just be quiet and let me finish my coffee, but he never listens to me. So, I wrote down the opening scene of the next Landry novel and tiptoed past where Kit Mann was sleeping. One prima donna at a time is much easier.

Not wanting to be detained for long, I sent Ed to the waiting room and returned to the task at hand. When I did, I found my new character Elmer Levesque sitting in Ft. Laramie with his lip pooched out, all bent out of shape because he thought I liked Ed better. Though it’s Elmer’s style, he didn’t challenge me to a duel on the field of honor. I dodged a bullet there--literally. I was holding aces and eights at the time.

The resolution further crumbled when I had the bright idea that I would get my three yet unpublished books edited too. Seven books in a year? I’m an old man. I’m supposed to be retired. What happened to that resolution to slow down?

Resolutions are fine. They sound noble, but the goal should be realistic and the motivation in keeping with who we are. I’m not going to quit writing and I’m not going to slow down. That’s not who I am, and I wouldn’t be happy if I kept my resolution.

I am tempted to say that I’ll slow down when I die, but I know that ain’t happening. I don’t know if they have books in heaven. I do know there are storytellers (I peeked) and I want to be one.

So, be it hereby resolved—I’m going to try and write every story that pops into my head.


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