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Know Jack #377 Stupid is as Stupid Does

In my previous blog post, I outlined several reasons why I should just hang it up. As good as those reasons are, I have since found a reason to continue. I found it in an old playground insult that was later popularized by a movie.

I would appear more intelligent by keeping silent—that is true of most people. However, as the Crusader reminds me, there are things that should be said no matter how they are received. Truth irritates, sounds judgmental, and is unbending. Consequently, the one who speaks the truth is seen in the same light. So be it.

Socrates was tried as a perverter of the young. Jesus was thought to be a blasphemer and a devil. St. Paul was derided as a mad babbler. I cannot match their truth-telling abilities.

I admit that I have forgotten much that I learned. Though I remain unmoved, the things I do know are often passed off as my imagination. To continue to put my thinking out there under such circumstances sounds stupid. Well, by choosing to keep doing it, I’m living proof that stupid is as stupid does.

However, it's comforting to know I’m not alone. People do stupid things all the time—it might be an identifying trait of humanity. Why even today’s near worship of science ignores the fact that most of it is funded by those with a stake in the outcome. To err is human. This goes a long way in explaining most human thinking in my lifetime and charts a course for the future.


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