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Know Jack #369 Yes, Drill Sergeant!

“Gump, what’s your sole purpose in this army?!

“To do whatever you tell me, Drill Sergeant!

When you have questions, you will never find a more direct, to-the-point answer than from a Drill Sergeant. They have a way of explaining how the world works that leaves no doubt in your mind how things really are or what you should do next.

I think it would be great if we could get corporate America to employ some retired Drill Sergeants to train customer service representatives and monitor their performance. Granted, there would be fewer people working in customer service, but those who survived orientation would know how to do their job and fall over themselves trying to please their customers.

Can you imagine the one-sided exchange between a Drill Sergeant and the cashier at the counter of your favorite fast-food restaurant when the kid working the register said, “we can’t put bacon on that” or couldn’t count change? I thought about including my version of it in this post, then realized the few words appropriate enough to post wouldn’t make as much sense.

Imagine for a moment if each new arrival at college was met by their own Drill Sergeant who explained the ins and outs of college life as they escorted students to their classrooms. Universities could change the safe rooms into motivational rooms staffed by smiling faces of helpful men and women wearing Smokey Bear hats. Tell me who in the world could be more concerned with safety, the environment, and a student’s success than Smokey or someone who dressed like him?

Sgt. Santino said he would be my momma and daddy during our time together. He was true to his word. I didn’t do a thing without his permission. He saw I was in bed early each night, awakened on time every morning, ate right, and got plenty of exercise. Following his advice, I never missed a day nor was I late for work for the next seven years.

I came away from it all with the work ethic that help found House of Honor Books; and the improvisation skills that saved me and my patients in the ER many times. America would do better if we would forget about asking the Community for answers and just ask a Drill Sergeant.


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