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Know Jack #352 The Plot Thickens

“By the way, Jesus forgives, but I don't think I can ever forgive you for killing Penny of Fat Girls Cafe off. I just can't let you off the hook for that one, Jack.”

Cameron Buckner

I have a history of killing off popular characters. When I wrote Bayou Moon and read the first chapter for a writer’s group there were two big complaints. The first was, “you got us really liking Delmer, then you went and killed him.” The second was a thinly veiled threat that I better not let his dog die. Oops, poor Pepe. (He did die a hero though.) I am hoping Cameron lets me slide at least enough to lend his voice to the narration of Voodoo Moon.

All this talk of the demise of character has a point which I’ll get to shortly. First, the good news. House of Honor Books is doing better than I imagined and so we are looking to expand. Live podcasts and Facebook Live are in our future, though I can’t supply a date just yet. Before that happens, we are starting a blog on the House of Honor website called Author Antics. The first post is up and the second is coming Friday.

I’m moving my ramblings on writing to that blog and Know Jack will go back to the more personal whatever-I’m-thinking-at-the-moment subject matter. Accordingly, Know Jack is going to be posted on Saturday. Which means something’s got to give. That something, or should I say someone, is the Colonel. Tomorrow will be his farewell to the troops post.

That being said, if you know jack about Jack, then you know writing and politics are too deeply ingrained in me to be forgotten entirely. If recent news is any indication, Brandon and Company will surely be the rant of the day for many a day.

A friend once asked me to name a character in one of my books after him, then quickly added, “But don’t kill me off!” I named two characters in the book after him, so I only half killed him. I did comfort him a bit by telling him that just because you die in one of my books, doesn’t mean you are out of the story. Johnny St. Pierre is still around two books after he died. (And Cam, Penny makes a cameo in Voodoo Moon.)

Colonel Y.T. Saulteen, (give yourself a pat on the back if you knew that was his name) we salute you. Perhaps, you’ll rise again.


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