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Know Jack #321 Do You WriMo

November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). Writers around the country sign themselves up for a marathon exercise in joy, frustration, pleasure, and pain as they strive to write a 50,000-word novel in thirty days.

It is an extremely rare day that I am not writing in some fashion. Some days I am writing blogs, on others a suddenly inspired short story. I usually always have a novel—sometimes two—in the works. When I’m not writing there’s editing and promotions to be done. However, I usually am not writing at the pace required to finish NaNoWriMo a winner. This year is my fifth attempt and I need a win to put me on the positive side.

I’m not sure being a pantser is an advantage in this challenge. There is no rule against plotting out the story ahead of the start date, so plotters can lay out their story ahead of the opening bell. Taking off by the seat of my pants on day one seems a bit of a disadvantage but it’s how I roll.

I did have an idea in my head for the general direction of the story. This year’s entry is the sequel to my book, Mann of God—Redemption. So, I was acquainted with my characters and the plot for Judgment. Well, that’s what I thought, anyway.

The plan was to write this book and be done with the Mann of God series. Kit Mann would face his newest trial and ride off into the sunset. Then, along came this new character who wants a story of his own, and my deputy, not wanting to be left out is clamoring for one too. What’s a writer to do? This one finds it hard to say, “No” and stick to it. It looks like I may be back to NaNoWriMo a couple more times.

The thing so many people, myself included, is that there is no Pause button for life. Just because I writing for the challenge doesn’t mean I get to skip writing the blogs, stop work on House of Honor Books, or put my naturally bubbly personality on hold. Dishes still need doing, laundry still piles up albeit more slowly since I stay in my scrubs most of the time. Oh, and this week there’s an Open Mic to host.

That’s the challenge 1667 words a day, seven days a week, including Thanksgiving on the road to that new novel with my name on the cover in my hands.

My name is Jack and I’m a Wrimo.

There’s just one thing more I have to say, inspired the moment I wrote the number of this blog. I doubt it will mean anything to anyone else, but I have to say it.

“Operator, Room 321. Noble Lumpkin, this is the Illustrious Potentate.


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