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Know Jack #294 Laissez Faire, the Paradigm of Exceptionalism

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

“There are no such things as limits to growth, because there are no limits on the human capacity for intelligence, imagination and wonder.”

Ronald Reagan

Laissez-faire is a term that originated in a meeting between the French Controller-General of Finances and a group of businessmen. The minister asked how the government could be of service, to which one of them replied, “Laissez nous faire(Let us do it).

I admit to a certain bias because laissez-faire has since my early days as an aircraft crew chief been my preferred style of leadership—and my preferred environment in which to work. This is because it promotes liberty, learning, innovation, and imagination. That concludes my history/philosophy lesson.

What does this seemingly disconnected discourse have to do with this blog about writing? If you thought, Yeah, what about that, you have made my point. Your willingness to question the author means you are free to go where your mind takes you with being led by the nose.

And that freedom is in jeopardy.

Generally speaking, people do not enjoy watching television or movies with me. It is not my sterling rapier wit or my twisted sense of humor which people object to--well, some people do, but that’s beside the point. My problem (or theirs depending on viewpoint) is that I cannot always contain my comments on the writing.

Modern writing, on and off various sizes screens, is the product of a formulated social agenda driven by what is called critical race theory. You more likely know that theory by its more common names diversity, inclusion, equity, and social justice. If you are a serious student of economic theories, you probably call it Neo-Marxism.

The result is a story into which is forced at least one person of each race, gender, and other than straight lifestyle where or not they fit the setting or original work. However, there is one standard role. The villain is a straight white male, preferably one who is an outspoken oppressor of critical race theory.

I don’t really object to the casting per se. It is the forced feeding to which I object. I tell people that I don’t watch many movies these days. That is not completely true. I have seen the first five to ten minutes of a lot of movies. When the forced agenda rears its head—the screen goes blank or an attempt to watch something else fills the screen.

Regulated writing is devoid of, as Reagan put it, intelligence, imagination, and wonder—everything that is good in writing. It devolves into nothing but a too often rehearsed lecture that was boring the first run-through. It is the exceptional story that the audience deserves. And this is the product of the writer free to do it him/herself.

Poor writing can be overcome by a healthy imagination in the reader. Good, strong writing challenges the mind and the imagination. If I now sound egotistic, so be it. Weak writing satisfies only weak minds. I’ve heard people comment that they don’t want to think, they just and to relax and watch a movie. We are on the brink of total success!


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