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Know Jack #293 Faith Not Fear

"Faith and fear both demand you believe in something you cannot see. You choose." ~ Bob Proctor

While waiting for an elevator today, I was joined by a man wearing a mask that had the words Faith Not Fear printed on it. I let him have the car with a couple of other mask wearers rather than expose them to an alternate opinion on the current degree of viral danger.

Nevertheless, I could not help but wonder at what the words on his mask meant to him. What was he afraid of? And what did he have faith in? Since I didn’t engage him in conversation, I am not going to presume to know his answers or cast him in a negative fashion.

What I am going to talk about are my answers to those questions in light of the present circumstances. Let’s take fear first. It is my opinion that our government has from the beginning explicitly sought to promote fear with virus control as only a minor consideration—the government’s mask so to speak.

The measures promoted as viral control have been around and advocated by healthcare workers every flu season for years. These measures have generally gone unheeded by the at-risk population. Even though the flu killed people—to which I am witness, the government issued no mask/stay home mandates, closed no businesses, or discussed mandatory proof of vaccination. Historically, responsibility for personal and community health/safety has rested with the individual.

CDC guidelines were shouted from the rooftops—but not the real guidelines. It has been the practice of the CDC to test until the virus is confirmed in an area, then stop testing and treat empirically. This is one of the few fiscally responsible government practices in existence. But then, there are already flu viruses and annual sales are probably topped out. CoVid 19 was an entire new money-making machine.

That the CDC did not follow its own guidelines suggests to me that there was an agenda to build numbers. I have heard this was done to prevent Emergency Rooms from being mobbed. But the use of the ER as a first-use facility is incentivized by government policy and what great photo-ops frightened crowds make! The media flocked to make sure no related death went unreported and stories of mild symptoms and recovery ignored. Distance and masks for the infected are CDC practices that never before required the shutdown of American small businesses.

So, I will tell you my fear is an unrestrained government especially one whose incongruent, constantly shifting policies are blindly followed by my neighbors and local businesses.

As to Faith, as a nurse for over 25 years—I have no faith in masks. Neither do I have a kind of faith that says, “God will protect me.” I do have faith in divine protection and health, but I do not believe that means I will never contract a disease. In fact, I have a disease that is slowly killing me. Denying it is not going to change that. I have prayed about it and taken steps to slow its progression, but one day in the not too distant future diabetes will be the cause of my demise—unless, of course, I am run over by a bus, fall off a seventy story building, drive my car into a tree, being eaten by a bear while hunting Sasquatch, or being struck by lightning. The latter many believe will be the cause if I stay still long enough for God to get a clean shot.

I fear that which would take my life from me. I have faith that death cannot and will not do that. Therefore, I choose faith, not fear.


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