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Know Jack #281 The American Aristocracy

There are two types of government. Those people own, and those that own people.

I have heard the above sentiment credited to Winston Churchill. Not being willing at the moment to searching extensively and paraphrasing a touch, I refrained from quotation marks. However, the thought is certainly in line with the former Prime Minister’s thinking as well as my own.

Neither do I think there is any question as to which we now have in America.

We are the property of the aristocracy—if you are wearing a mask just nod your little head in agreement. But, it might surprise you who make up the real American Aristocracy. It is not the privileged politics growing rich from their “service” to the country. It is not the uber-rich, sorry to break it to you, Bill. Though you will never convince them otherwise, it is not the pontificators of the screen.

They are people you rarely see—the desk riders, the unthinking, box checkers of the bureaucracy. They make law without legislating. They enforce the law according to their whim with impunity, and they judge the violators of the law without appeal. It is the aristocracy of the administrators.

The word aristocracy is an interesting one, the very antithesis of our society and yet the ones we hold most dear. Aristocracy is the rule of the “best”. We think of it in the old sense of the “best” born, but it is not restricted to that sense.

The heart of Progressivism is the management of the government, society, and the country by experts—the best. Modern problems are too complicated, too complex, not only for common people, but also for lawmakers, judges, and law enforcement.

The Socialist State that Progressivism births by its very nature requires a suppression of humanity because people, like all other resources (things) must be managed by experts in the area. Regulatory agencies exist not to govern, but as their name says, regulate. Bureaucracy does nothing. It regulates those who do things.

The technology exists to regulate DNA to produce beings who aspire to nothing, desire nothing, but to operate a single machine. Designer people to occupy all the jobs of society for the “good” of all is within the grasp of the “best” people. It’s a small step to convert those who are already slaves to “progress, science, and social correctness.”

We cast our votes for our desired future every two years. Who is regulating the outcome?


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