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Know Jack #277 Your Prophylactic is Showing

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” So advised Ben Franklin. Sound advice if the preventative action actually does its job. Many a proud parent knows the truth of this corollary to Mr. Franklin’s counsel.

I cannot help but snicker under my breath—okay, and sometimes to the face of those who dutifully believe the popular prophylactic of the day is going to return their world to something like the old one. You know the one with the freedom to be responsible adults all on our own. The world where we didn’t need our Uncle Sam to manage every aspect of life “for our own good.”

Let me make a prediction. If, yeah not when, but if the masks come off, the virus will spike. Why? Not because the masks have saved us, but because the virus is not going away. Immunity is the only real safeguard—the ounce of prevention—that is worth a tinker’s damn.

There are only two paths that go there. Induced immunity and natural immunity, masks do neither, never have never will. Induced immunity is better known as vaccination. Injection with material that will induce the production of antibodies—and God knows what else in this modern world.

I think you can guess at natural immunity, though nowadays it’s best not to assume people know things. The natural route is to be exposed to the disease and make antibodies all by your little lonesome.

One note here—exposure is different from having the disease or being sick. You do not have to be sick to develop immunity. Nor does type and degree of exposure determine the severity of disease that depends on the strength of your immune system which has only a causal relationship to age.

So, if you buy that, here’s a mystery why do those who have attained natural immunity need a vaccination? Why is there a shortage of vaccination when the vast numbers of people the news has reported without ceasing already have that natural immunity?

I guess if more votes can be cast in an area than people live there, the number of virus cases can too. It’s something to ponder. A better source of wonderment might be what’s in that vaccine that those with natural immunity must be subjected to it? What else is it designed to do—because you do realize it was designed by people sworn to proprietary secrecy, right?

Mask wearers, you are going to get vaccinated or get the virus, quit kidding yourself into thinking you’ll just wear a mask until it’s over. It will not be over until one of those two things happen. There will never be a day you can take of your prophylactic and be safe without this process.

Granted I don’t have the believability of a network newscaster, but then neither do I have their agenda. I’m not selling you anything. They that have ears to hear, and all that.


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