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Know Jack #275 Making the Best of It

One fascinating power of writing is that I get to build worlds—even if it is only a version of this one. I have ventured off Earth once and maybe that story will see the printed page someday, but for now, that is out of my hands and in those of editors and publishers.

If the comments I get are reliable, I build a pretty fair world. Well, in my head and on the page anyway. I can’t say I am as successful with the real one I am building for myself. I think that may be the case with most of us.

And that’s okay.

Humans set free from the pressures of social and cultural conformity, are creative beings. There is within each of us an expressive spirit longing to cry out, “Here I am, this is me!” The medium of that expression is as unique as we are—it a very real sense it is us.

Most people spend a huge portion of their day trading their talents and the hours of their life for the opportunity to pursue that magical time of creativity. If we are truly fortunate, the time we trade away will likewise reflect the good in us by serving others.

I’ve heard it said that we can be good for goodness’ sake, but we cannot be bad for badness’ sake. Evil is perpetuated for some end, that in itself, a person sees as good or beneficial to them—say, wealth. They simply go after that goal by evil means.

For much the same reason, creativity is by nature good. Believe it or not, people are inherently good. They become twisted and perverted when their goals become more important than the means of achieving them.

One reason my publishing company holds open mic events is to encourage members of our community to express themselves—to sing, dance, play music, read their writing, or just be silly. It is in that self-expression we are most human and in the sharing of it we step toward the good.

To daily step toward the good is the best of all possible worlds, and one within our reach. If we are imperfect, there is no shame in saying so. It is only when we allow ourselves to become indifferent, to hide away, afraid to step forward—to feel, imagine and live that we are truly lost.


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